Zhuilu Old Trail



Traversing a breathtaking historic cliff trail



If you really wish to see the majesty of Taiwan, Taroko Park is where you’ll find it. Hiking the Zhuilu Old Trail combines Taiwan’s storied history with its incomparable natural beauty. The hike is 3.1 kilometers long and reaches elevations of 500-600 meters. 

The Old Zhuilu Road was an important connection between ancient Truku villages. Originally it was only 30cm wide, barely enough for two feet side by side. In 1917, the Japanese conscripted local indigenous men to expand the trail width to 1.5m. Throughout you will be surrounded by Taiwan’s famous emerald mountains populated with Taiwanese flora and fauna. Look down and you will see the mighty Liwu River, slowly carving its way through Mt. Sanjiaozhui creating the steep, imposing Fuji cliffs. 

Join Uniquefun for this one-of-a-kind experience!


Fixed Price 1,199 NTD  


Selling Price 999 NTD
Experiential Sale 799 NTD*
Include accommodation


Backpacker Hostel 399/pax (single bed)  Weekend surcharge: 100/pax
Minsu (BnB) 499/pax (2 pax/room) Weekend surcharge: 200/pax


Meeting Time: 08:00am

Tour Duration: About 5~8 hours, subject to situational conditions.

Meeting Point: 

  1. Transfer service within Hualien City 
  2. Assembly at Uniquefun HQ (No transfer service beyond Hualien City)
Duration Schedule Note: for reference, actual itinerary may vary.
Appr. 60 min Pick up transfer to Taroko visitor center
Appr. 15 min Taroko visitor center to Zhuilu suspension bridge
Appr. 60 min Hiking from Zhuilu suspension bridge to Badagang Police Station Relics
Appr. 60 min Zhuilu cliff edge rest area snacks
Appr. 150 min Return to trailhead
Appr. 60 min Return transfer to Hualien City


Participant’s Requirements:

  1. Suitable for ages 6 and above.
  2. 6 – 12 years old requires accompanying parents.
  3. Due to safety measures, please ensure that you’re in physically good health. This activity is not suitable for participants with prevailing heart conditions, chronic illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, epilepsy and pregnancy. Please do not register.

Group Size:

Maximum 9 participants per group.

Entry Notice:

Due to the unique characteristics of the Old Zhuilu Road, entrance is limited to 96 persons on weekdays and 156 persons on weekends and holidays. Visitors are required to apply for a park entry permit and a mountain entry permit. If a typhoon or other natural disaster occurs, the trail will be closed and permits for the closed period will be automatically invalidated. Please apply for a new permit once the trail is reopened.

Taroko National Park Entry Information:

  1. The application for admission to the Zhuilu Old Trail is due one month before departure, the application process takes about one week. If the application unsuccessful, you will be notified a week before departure.
  2. Entrance is limited to 96 persons on weekdays and 156 persons on weekends and holidays. If the reservation has been completed but the quota is full, we will provide a full refund!
  3. This tour has included park entry fees (Taroko National Park entry ticket: NT$200; Half price for eligible Students/children ages 6-12 with valid Student ID).
    *Please call ahead to inform us of your eligibility.
  4. If it is cancelled due to safety concerns, you will be notified within 24 hours before departure and receive refund after deducted insurance fee and administration fee.

Important Notice:

  1. Activity may be altered due to participants/ equipment situations and weather conditions, to deliver a safe and satisfying experience to all participants.
  2. Do not venture off to difficult terrains without guidance to prevent any accidents.
  3. If there is a bad weather during the expedition, please follow the instructions of the coach and leader. 
  4. Always stay together as a team and assist others, do not venture off on your own.
  5. For unforeseen factors such as typhoons, earthquakes or downpours, Uniquefun reserves the right to defer or cancel a scheduled tour.
  6. Changes due to unforeseen factors will be notified via phone calls.

Zhuilu Old Trail Specific Individual Preparation:

Small backpack (waterproof or bring a cover), hiking shoes / rain boots, raincoat (heavy rain), umbrella (light rain), drinking water (2L) , lunch, snack, torchlight, long sleeve clothing, hats, small towels, gloves, sunscreen, do not wear perfume (prevent bee), safety helmet.

Activity Attire:

  1. Hiking: 
      1. Please bring legal photo ID for entry permit application.
      2. Please wear sensible hiking attire and shoes.
  2. River Tracing: Lightweight clothing/ Swimsuits.
  3. Kayak, SUP: Lightweight clothing/ Swimsuits. Contact lenses if required.
  4. Motorbiking, ATV, go-kart: Long sleeves shirt and long pants.

 Gentle Reminder:

  1. Bring along light raincoat/ poncho.
  2. Bring sufficient drinking water (2L), sunscreen, insect repellent and raingear.
  3. Do not bring along valuables.
  4. We will provide changing tent, do bring along change of clothes and towel. 

Tour Includes:

  1. Free Hualien City area pick up/ transfer (assembly at Uniquefun HQ)
  2. Full gear and safety equipment
  3. Coaching for fundamental equipment usage
  4. Snacks
  5. 2 million NTD travel insurance / 200,000 NTD medical insurance
  6. Activity instructor’s fee
  7. Tour guide
  8. Assistance for videos and photographs
  9. For English service, please call 3 days in advance for arrangement, no additional fees required (you may tip the international volunteers for language services) 

Tour Excludes:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Unlisted transportation service
  3. Personal expenses


Possible Cancellation Factors:

Tour itinerary may be altered or cancelled, subject to the weather conditions and National Park Authority instructions.

Cancellation Terms:

To the date of Event Refund
Cancel 8 days prior Full Refund
Cancel 3 – 7 days prior Incurring 20% administration fee
Cancel 2 days prior Incurring 50% administration fee
Cancel 1 day prior or on the day No Refund
Cancellation due to unforeseen factors initiated by the company Full Refund


  1. Your booking can be changed 6 days prior to departure (excluding departure date). However, a change can be made only once and is limited to activities from the same organizer.
  2. If there is subsequent price differences, Uniquefun will refund or request for payment.
  3. Cancellation is not accepted for rescheduled booking. 
  4. No changes accepted on the day of activity.